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Strange Error


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Getting this on one of my boxes. On this instance the game was installed fine but this error showed on the console




Any ideas?




TCAdmin - The GameHosting Control Panel


Software Version: 1.0.2213.32729


.NET Version : 1.1.4322.2032


Operating System: Win32NT version 5.2.3790.0




Adding local server IPs to IP Filtering Rules..


Adding Master Server and Web Server IPs to IP Filtering Rules..




Starting services...




Starting FTP Server on with FTP root C:\Program Files (x86)\TCAdmin C


ontrol Panel\Monitor\FTPRoot


FTP Server has been started.




Starting Game Server Monitor...


Game Server Monitor has been started.




Starting the Support Service...


Support System has been started.




Starting System Monitor...


System Monitor has been started.






Remote Server STARTED on




2/5/2006 11:56:43 PM : Creating game server (Call of Duty)...




2/5/2006 11:56:43 PM : Creating paths for game server...




2/5/2006 11:56:43 PM : Copying game files from ftp server...




WARNING: 'edtftp.log.level' not found or invalid - logging switched off


2/5/2006 11:56:50 PM : StandardPlugins.RemoteServers.FPClient.GetSupportedGames:


Requested file action aborted. (code=552)




2/5/2006 11:56:50 PM : StandardPlugins.RemoteServers.FTPClient.CopyDirectory: Re


quested file action aborted. (code=552)




2/5/2006 11:56:50 PM : GSAutomation.Processes.CreateGameServer: Could not copy g


ame server files from ftp: /Games/COD to C:\TCAdminGames\UserFiles\ADMIN\GameSer




Server: TC1367560601860 Dual 160


Owner: ADMIN






Unhandled Exception: System.IO.IOException: The process cannot access the file "


C:\TCAdminGames\UserFiles\NBK_Admin\GameServers\TC1821540161 1174463344626\cstrik


e\logs\l0205001.log" because it is being used by another process.



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