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Branded text being removed


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You will need to setup the Game Monitoring System to perform the action you specify when the text is changed.




You have 2 options. Send emails out to the admins and user, and/or shut down the service.




These settings can be found in System Settings>Plugin Management and then click the "configure" link next to the "Game Server Monitor" plugin

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After activating this i seem to be unindated with repeat emails.




Some people have removed the branding but kept our name in there and just added colour using ^1 ^2 ^3 ^4 etc.




One of the others was a server change as they upgraded and i'm not sure how I'm now suppost to make the chages to allow it. Is there a reset that updates it?




Thanks in advance.

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The branding is completely dependant on what you set it the branding field. if the client changes it by 1 character, you will get an email.




Also, colors are not supported by the branding monitor.




If you need to reset a server, simply change the branding text to match exactly what you have entered into the branding field in the setup.

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