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Moving install


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Need to move a remote setup from 1 box to another (keeping same IP) keeping all installs of ts and game services intact




can someone give me a quick push in the right direction so I won't biff it up and lose anything




I tried a forum search about moving remote servers but got nothing :sad:

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1. On the remote server that your are moving locate the file C:\Program Files\TCAdmin Control Panel\Monitor\TCAdminbackuptool.exe




2. Run the backuptool, which will backup everything on that computer including game files, and service information.




3. Install TCAdmin to the new server you will be moving the remote to.




4. Update the new remote to the current version that the master is running. Simply goto System Settings>Servers and lcik the update link next to the new server.




5. Copy the backup files from the old remote to the new one.




6. Run the TCAdminbackuptool.exe on the new remote and choose restore.




Walk through the wizard.






If you have any problems, just put in a ticket.

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It would if you try to run too many at the same time. The only license that is IP specific would be the master server. The remotes can be freely moved as long as you shut down the old one before starting the new one. Otherwise you will get an error about not enough licenses.



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