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I have enabled the Game Monitor Service and the System Monitor Service. Really good features.




But for some reason it doesnt seem to be logging any info, the Server Activity charts are blank, and the average cpu/ram is reading as -1 in the loadbalancing report.




"The Server Performance Stats (Charts)" report doesn't have any selectable categories, so I cant use that.




Can anyone point me in the right direction, I am clearly missing something :smile:





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You can set the frenquecy to whatever timeframe you would like. We suggest 30 minutes or less so the process doesn't have to run for more than a minute or two.




The longer time interval between polling, the more information, and the longer the job will run.




If you have a fairly small system with a few remotes 30 minutes may be fine. But as you grow, it will take longer for the master server to poll all the information that has been accumulating during those 30 minutes.




Personally, I would suggesting running the job every 5 minutes.





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ok, I misunderstood




I assumed that the collector frequency was the frequency of the polled data.




But all the collector is doing is picking up data stored locally on the remote servers.




Thanks once again for the help! :grin:

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I've done everything as requested in the knowledge base article, but I can't get reports on the server CPU.




Gameserver stats - Ok


Memory Stats - Ok






The Master is Win2000 and the remote are Win2003.


May this be a problem?

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Kevin what you thinks of my settings


As you know I have 20 servers and more and I collect data any 4 hours, sure it takes long but the collect process doesn't interfeer with the game server installed on that machine.




if I set to 5 minutes or less will be better or not ?




My only question is collecting any 5 minutes I will use less processor ? or I can give problem to the processor and so lag on the servers ?




So shortly collecting every 4 hours probabily the collect start when all game server are free for example at 10pm and the next at 12pm so it doesn't collect data during playing.




If I collect any 5 minutes can I interfeer with the game servers during play.




Your best suggestion please ?




you have all password if you want run a short test before answer




thanks in advance



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Depending on the number of servers it can take some resources to poll all the stats. It would also depend on which stats you are collecting.


You can enable it regradless of where the pages are hosted, but keep in mind your monitor program is going to take the brunt of the workload when polling. Just something to keep in mind.

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I mainly just want to pool the CPU Usage and Memory Usage, I currently have 4 remote servers and will be creating 2 more in the next 2 weeks.


So to keep the resource usage at a minumum for the master server I would need to run it in 5 minute intervals?

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