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How to find out the error if one occurs?


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I reguarly get errors from tcadmin when I try to create a game (auto creation) or a new service.




But the displayed errors are always very unclear.


Now I got again an error when trying to get a new(old) game running .




I get an E-mail message with:


GSAutomation.Processes.CreateGameServer: Game server was created but could not be started.




OK, clear it cannot be started but why not?!?!




When I start the game manually again I get a very uncleur message:


Error while starting: Er is een time-out opgetreden en de bewerking is niet voltooid.


(last part is dutch because the OS is dutch, it says something like: There is a time-out occured and operation is not finished)




Again no idea what is wrong....


When I create the service manually the game runs, but when I use the autocreation it goes wrong again.




Could someone tell me how I can find out why the game won't start?

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9 out of 10 tens an error like that is produced becuase the game configuration file is set incorrectly.




In the case of automation you can allways look in the logs folder, located in C:\Program Files\TCAdmin Control Panel folder for the reason for the failure.




To find out why a game is not starting you can use this method.




1. Login to your panel and goto Gaming Services.


2. Click on the game server that isn't starting.


3. At the bottom of the page click on the "Service Settings" icon.


4. On the right hand side of the page click on the "preview" button.




This will display the full path and commandline for that gameserver. It should look something like this:






Now highlight and copy this commandline.




5. Login to the server that this game is installed to via remote desktop or other method.




6. Click the windows "Start" button and then "run"


7. Paste the commanline you just copied into the field and click ok.




This will start the gameserver with the line that TCAdmin would. Check the console for any errors. Common problems are no starting map or missing files.




If the server starts correctly and you can verify that it can be connected to via a client, then check the following.




In the game configuration file for UT that you have in TCAdmin, make sure the Relative Executable and Relative Working Directory are set correctly.







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Thx, but if was not what I was looking for.


If you read carefully I was looking for Unreal not UT.


Unreal is a completely other game as Unreal Tournament(short: UT), Unreal is the first game of the complete Unreal series ever made, so this comes before Unreal Tournament.




Release order:


- Unreal (may 1998) <- this one I am looking for!


- Unreal Tournament (1999)


- Unreal Tournament 2003


- Unreal 2 (XMP)


- Unreal Tournament 2004



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