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TCAdmin Build 1.0.2230.35599


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- Added upload and download limits to the FTP server. Configure this in System Settings > Plugins > Configure FTP server




- Fixed a problem with FTP folders when there is more than one game server with the same ip and port




- Added a fix for COD2 when starting without a profile. This also removes the optimize message when starting COD2 for the first time.






Please let us know if you have any problems with the above updates.





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My COD2 problems are still around:\




One of our clients just updated their config with a "minor" change (as they say), and we got the "Set Optimal Settings?" box again.




We also rebooted all our boxes this morning, and all the COD2's were doing that.




Maybe we can let you have access to a box one day to play with it to see what we are doing wrong?

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