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I want to get a dedicated server and host Counter-Strike Source servers. Can someone please explain how I will do this? I want to know how hard it is and what exactly will I have to do.




When I want to create a new CSS server am I going to just type all the info I want or will I have to manually create the server through DOS (I know how to do it through the little Steam way)?




I really want some helpful hints and stuff.





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I would suggest getting a firm grip on all the games that you wish to host before attempting to use any type of software control panel.




While our product does offer automated setup, you will still need to configure the software to do this.




In other words, don't expect to click a button and have a server created right after you install the software.




If you are looking for a dedicated server you should check out the dedicated server and advertising forums. You should be able to find something there.





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I have a $200/month budget even though I was hoping for about $150/month.




I was looking at Insomnia365 because they come with Cortex which looks like the best panel and they have good servers/pricing.




I really need help on my decision though.

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Running what from home the servers? I know how to run the servers, and I want to use Linux.




Based on your first post I didn't realize you already knew how css could be ran through a shortcut in console mode because you mentioned knowing the "steam" way. I learned how to run all the game servers from a spare pc which I ran small servers on. It's a great way to get used to this stuff.

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