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amxmodx problems


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yeah --


1) download latest version of the FULL INSTALLER from amxmodx.org


2) Install it on the machine where you want amxmodx installed.


3) run it, choose to install by mod directory. Choose the cstrike folder of your CS server's install


4) it extracts proper files.


5) restart the server.




what i did, is I did install to mod directory, chose cs1.6 and put it into a blank folder. Then i recreated the proper file structure, zipped it up, and made it work with the mod installer for counter-strike. Easy as 3.14




if you've got more questions let me know...im really familiar with amxmodx including plugins and whatnot.

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I am having a heck of a time getting amxmodx to work with cs 1.6 does any one have a quick quide/checklist to get this silly thing going. I have been working at it all day and am not getting anywhere


Yea, I dunno what you did. One of you clients ( XRaiders ) who uses CZ had me look at his server cause he was having problems. Also, for whatever reason tcadmin is looking at the config folder setup wrong for server files or you set it up on the wrong folder... As for amxmodx issue, I don't know what you did to the server setups (maybe some restrictions you set). But amxmodx loads fine, the issue arises when you try to load one of it's plugins it crashes the server and sends it in the endless cycle of restarting the server. If you check his server you will see amxmodx is running only no plugins are on (cause they will crash the server). I can't explain it cause it's something you did on your end causing the issue, not amxmodx's fault.




Same would probably happen with amx or admin mod.








What did you use for his servers command line btw?

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err sounds like a faulty plugin?




also make sure in modules.ini you've enabled all the proper modules!!


This is no faulty plugin. And like i said everything else loads, modules are fine.




Any time he tries to load any single plugin and I'm talking about default ones, it crashes the server (just 1 plugin will do it)... Even if I make a simple plugin that only registers itself but does nothing it will crash the server.




Again I am stressing this is not amxmodx's fault (nor metamod's either). This AvailNetworks is the issue, he has something improperly setup. Like he even has a restriction not allowing exe uploads (amxmodx has 3 exe's, even though 2 aren't really needed server side as they are only for compiling).



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Update (couldn't edit previous post for some reason):






Issue has been resolved, it was the DEP (Data Execution Prevention) setting on the windows server causing issues with amxmodx's JIT. It was trying to stop plugins from running. This issue will be fixed in the next release of amxmodx 1.65 (which will be out in approx a week). I highly suggest this update if you are using amxmodx as it has been optimized even more and has many bug fixes.






So to anyone that is having issues with amxmodx 1.60 (maybe even a few prior versions) on a windows server. Try changing your DEP default setting. I don't recall which is the issue "Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select" or "Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only", I think all programs is the problematic setting. Here is a link if you don't know where it is - http://helpline4it.com/lab_practices-d255.html

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DEP has a nasty habit of playing with a few different plugins. It also will cause issues with some of the Source based mods such as Mani-Mod.




You can also shutdwon DEP by editing the boot.ini file within windows, which will stop it completely.

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