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Windows Server 2003 configure


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Make sure you turn off DEP (Data Execution Prevention) for applications, check it for windows services only. This will interfere with a lot of game server applications including mods. This is how you do it, Start, Control Panel. Go to System & then the Advanced Tab. Under Performance, choose Settings. In Settings, select the Data Execution Prevention tab. Make sure "Turn on DEP for essential windows programs and services only" is checked off. If "Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I choose" is checked, change it. This will allow modifications to run with certain game server executables instead of causing a "threat" and a fatal service error.

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Editing the boot.ini files is the only way to disable DEP in most cases.




Keep in mind there are also 2 different kinds of DEP. Software and hardware. Some systems also require changes to be made in the system's bios to shut down the hardware DEP.

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