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Microsoft .NET Framework updated?


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Is Microsoft .NET Framework updated in one of the patches?




On the master server it runs now version 2 instead of 1.1


It is not that this does not work but I run an anti cheat program for SOF1 server, this anticheat software is not compatible with Microsoft .NET Framework 2


There will be no updates done anymore for this anticheat software (old game).




So my question is therefore, is Microsoft .NET Framework a needed updte or can I remove it safely?

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TCAdmin only requires 1.1 to run. We suggest updating 1.1 with Service pack 1 for better performance.




To answer your question, no .net 2.0 is not required. but if you have 2.0 installed I would suggest leaving it if you can, as I heard it's next to impossible to get it back to 1.1 without some doing.

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