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Hi there,




I am starting to offer Roger Wilco Servers and I got a problem now. Roger Wilco seems to be totally different then what i know so far, it is an application like a game, which means that for every server there has to be one seperate installation. So far no problem since it is handled like simple games. But my problem is that the servers name and password is set in the starting parameters!




So now Tcadmin is actually not really supporting this case i think, because there is no insert option for hostname or password in the starting parameter set up, and so tcadmin can not really control if the server is private or public either, and if the branding is removed or not :confused: .




Do you have an idea to this? I guess there will be a small update needed for this, but not sure, either set roger wilco as a service like teamspeak or add these insert parameters for the cmd line.




Thanks in advance, sorry for the circumstances




Best Regards



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Instead of directly using the game exe you can start the game using a batch file.




Create a batch file in your game installation folder that executes the game exe like this:




start game.exe %variable1% %variable2% %variable3% ...




Add this batch file as a config file in supported games and you can use all the variables available.

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