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Hey there,




I was just wondering if it is actually possible to let users register to tcadmin freely so they can use the support system?




Or would i have to buy another software for a good support system (as far as i can see the build in support ticket system is great, so i was wondering why another one).






Best Regards



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You would need to enter their information into the software before they could access it. While it would most likely be easy for you or a coder to script a page to do that, I would suggest using another support system for your other aspects of your business. Our support system is tied in with the users and the services assigned to the users, which you would not want for other support types.




I can suggest a few third party support systems:




http://www.activecampaign.com/supporttrio/ - Support Trio


http://www.kayako.com/esupport.php - Kayako


http://www.cerberusweb.com/ - Cerberus




Or if you run modernbill, it also has a built in help system.

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