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Low Memory Usage.


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Could someone explain to me the details behind the 'Enable Low Memory Usage (Might cause lag)' feature.




Here why I ask. I have a game server (JK:JA 1.0) that has a memory leak. Yes, I know the patch fixes this problem but I have a customer who pays a lot of money for me to host this older bugged version.




The problem is over time and the more users join the server the memory usage can get quite high (800mb or more). This hasn't impacted my other server on the same machine but I fear it will eventually.




So I enable the 'Low Memory' feature hoping it would take care of the problem or at least slow down the leak.




Could someone explain in detail a little more how this feature works. The manual just says it release memory every 5 seconds. I'm hoping to understand exactly what it means by 'releasing memory.'





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Enable low memory usage works as a throttle for memory. normally an executable, in this case a game, will start and allocate RAM. As more players join the RAM usage increases. However, most games will not release RAM once it allocates it (even if it is not using it).




What the low mem feature does is force windows to release any unused RAM every few seconds. Therefore keeping memory usage down. However. Certain games, in particular and Quake 3 based games, are greedy and want all that RAM at it's disposal. So the memory limiter turned on will cuase lag within the game itself.




Personally I have tested CS and BF Vietnam with the limiter on, and they performed fine. However running COD with it on caused lag.




So basically, test out whatever game you would like to turn it on for and see how it performs. Some games run fine with it on, while others will lag.

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