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Need some help on specifications please :)


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Hello there,




I would apreciate some help on specifications of game server HD space and traffic you guys usually need. Since we are moving in a new Datacenter, and need to give some more information then the hardware specifications I would be glad for some help. What I am still missing is the Hard Disk space we would most likely need on the dual xeon servers, and the estimated traffic usage.




Perhaps you have some experience with what to start in the SLA, I thought about 200-300 GB, since the game installations can be copied multiple times per user and game switcher. But perhaps I am totally wrong and actually need some other specs, thats why I would apreciate your help.




What I need is tips on the Hard Disk Space per server, and traffic per server.




Best Regards



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As for HD space, we reserve about 5GB per game, including the game itself.


Game installs are usually between 1 and 2GB (with some exceptions) so that leaves 3GB for each user for their maps and other stuff.




On a dual xeon/opteron a 80GB to 120GB disk is plenty, or if you use scsi or sata raptors I would recommend 73GB for HD space.




Asuming a dual xeon (3Ghz) would run max 7 to 8 public servers (counted on 16 slots css servers) I would say on average 3mbit on 95%. (not all servers will be filled 24/7).

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Allright that helps me alot, but dont you think the traffic is counted too low? :lol:




And what is if a gameserver runs multiple times, or somebody has gameswitching between like 10 games, then the Hard Disk Space is multiplied by 10!




I cant really believe that this could really work with these specs. :shock:

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