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Great news :)


Looking forward to trying this one out.


IMO shame that VAC is going to be the Anti-Cheat Tool of Choice but better that than nothing at all.


there about to release a new version of VAC so rumor has it...

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Let's be honest. There is no anti-cheat out there that will protect against 100% of cheaters. Even if a new one was released tomorrow, it is only a matter of a small while before someone would find a way around it.

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There are so many other options out there for Anti-Cheat Tools but just like the potential threat of GS.com having a far larger share of the GSP market than they deserve, Steamworks are having a far larger say in Anti-Cheat systems within new PC Games.


Anti Cheats should work on several levels including active Ban announcements and the ability for all Admins/Server owners to have players banned globally.


As far as my old brain can see VAC allows a known Hacker free reign of their servers for another two weeks after they have been caught allowing them to ruin the game for many other players before they are finally removed.....then they just create a new steam account and start all over again.


Anyway back to Brink.....


The game looks good and something I would play myself but i can see its limitations already. With nearly every new game comes a new set of issues that will in time cause players to stop playing or move onto the next big thing. Brinks downfall will be its reliance of all individual players to work together as a team for the greater good instead of individuals running around like headless chickens either wanting the best K/D ratio or in some attempt to level up. This will ruin the game for those purests that want to play the game the way it is intended....and so the saga will continue.

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