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More COD2 problems!


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Hi All,




I have a bit of a problem.




I've set up COD2, got all the files etc and the config in TCAdmin seems ok.




However, when I try to strat it from the console i get a lovely DirectX error.




Upon doing a dxdiag, it says I have version 9.0c installed and everything is working fine, however its not!




As well as this I understand that for some games Media player is needed and Windows won't let me download a copy of media player for Windows 2003 server! Its says I need SP1 or greater, but its already on SP1??




The other thing that seems may be a problem is the fact that in Display | Settings my Advanced tab is greyed out?? Maybe something to do with it being a HP rackmount and COD is looking for something which it hasn't got?




Any help appreciated

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I have a RAGE XL onboard graphics chip, but I can't seem to find any drivers that will allow Direct3D (which seems to be the problem).




As its a 1U rackmount box does anyone have any workarounds? Do these boxes (HP DL360 G4P) take a regular graphics card which is easily installable?





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all of my server are 1U PowerEdges




Not come across any issues yet




Do you have a box thats empty I could look at?




If you have msn mines Guy@24-Play.com




We also run alot of these with PCI graphic cards installed (some games require better than the 8mb standard) and they fit with no issue into our boxes. (Guess its dependant)

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Thanks 24play1, I'll add you to MSN when I get home.




I have a brand new server installed with only 1 COD2 game server running (a test one) which obviously isn't running.




The onboard chip is an ATI RAGE XL and I can't find any drivers for it for Win 2003, only 2000 (and they won't install). Not even HP have the drivers??




I think I may have to get a PCI graphics card to test it.




If your online when i get home (hour or so) I'll give you the log on details.









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Our test server from Softlayer has the ATI Rage as well. The only difference I can see is it is a PCI card, rather than a chipset.




Very odd that there would be that much of a difference between the two though...????



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Only the windows drivers, which I wouldn't recommend installing. If the fook up then you have no server.




What you are describing is missing Direct X file(s).




Those I would have no idea, where they are located.

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Well after 24 hours of trying to fix this problem, we have given up. 24play1 was a great help, and spent quite a while trying to help me with this.




I'm going to try getting a PCI card for one of the boxes and see if that works.




I think the problem is with DirectX as much as the graphics chip, but I have yet to find a decent program to uninstall it.




Thats what I really love about this community, everyones willingness to help each other, even though were all in direct competition!





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During my time I installed a worm to take out the entire network








Happy to help m8, just sorry I couldn't help you. Seems that chipset just did not want to play, whether its down to drivers etc who knows we defo tried enough options

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