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COD2 Rcon


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I have a lot of server that when I type any rcon command I receive this message








The server must set 'rcon_password' for clients to use 'rcon'




The password rcon is corrcted configured in the cfg file.







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Just so the others users understand the problem. It seems to be wihtin the game itself. The same error message when trying to rcon in game is happening.




Anyone seen anything like this before?





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In Game how to.






1. Setup a rcon password - Find set rcon_password in your server config file and change it to match this set rcon_password "YourPasswordHere". Enter your password and restart your server.




2. Login and send commands - Hit the ~ (tilda key under the escape key) and type /rcon login YourRconPasswordHere. Please be sure that you include the / or your text will be sent as a message to everyone. you can also togle from line to fullscreen rcon by hitting shift key + ~ key




3. Send Commands - Now that you have logged in you can send commands in this format /rcon <command>.








remember that /rcon must be before any comand given

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