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TC admin just wont work


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ok i have installed tc admin completly how i am supposed to and it just wont work i badly need some help guys if anyone is able to contact me on my msn or xfire asap i would love ur help so my dedicated server bix works properly




msn: squawk80@hotmail.com


xfire: squawk80






hehe, im sure you used to be a customer of mine ;)

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that doesnt really matter does it anyway




can one of the site admins please add me on msn or xfire as i would like a friendly chat about what the problem is i get an error when i try to make it threw Microsoft access so any help would be greatly apprieciated






xfire = squawk80


msn = squawk80@hotmail.com


email = Hitman@blazing-gaming.co.uk






and frgning servers or w.e ur company name is i am a uk server company not a usa company soz

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If you require help you may submit a support ticket here:






Or you may also send an email to support@tcadmin.com, which will automatically create a ticket for you.




A vast majority of the problems I have had, have been a configuration error on my part. From participating on this forum for about a year, it appears to me this has also been the case a majority of the time with everyone else too.




How about trying what ECF posted above? Include in your support ticket a detailed description of your problem, login detail for your panel and also remote login details. From experience, going this route, they usually read them in a matter of minutes. For a minor problem, they fix it within minutes. A larger problem is usually resolved in an hour or 2. As for a major problem, I have not seen one.




But you would rather post no details of your problem and then wait for days for someone to guess what your problem is and then to possibly offer a solution.

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