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Steam update guide/manual


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Is there somewhere which explains how the tcadmin steam upfdate thing works...




I have my steam account settings in and I also have CSS configured and ready to go, but not sure how it works when an update is available. Do I still need to download the update, or does the software do it etc...

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You will need to configure two settings within the system first.




1. In System Settings>Steam Update Settings. this is pretty much pre-filled for you. You do not need to include login info any longer. The updatetool does not need it any longer.




2. In System Settinngs>Supported Games>Counterstrike, you will need to configure the gametype. In your case put cstrike i the field, and check the permissions boxes to set what access you want to allow.




lastly, you will need to drop a copy of the HLDSUpdatetool.exe in the following folder on all machines, (both master and remote)




C:\Program Files\TCAdmin COntrol Panel\Monitor




Once you are finished, you can simply login to the panel and click the STEAM Update icon. Make sure you have pop-up blockers disabled for the site, and off it goes.

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