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Ports - Assigned IP's


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Only a small problem


i have lets say 4 IP's on that particular Dedicated Server


and i set up a Game server and i use auto for the Server IP




And i all ready have a game server running of an Assigned IP on that box




i find that it makes the server but the port number clashes with assigned IP's




I hope you can get the gist of what im saying




I usually put in a support ticket but as its not urgent




Cheers Guys

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If you are using the automated setup page "Create a Game and Voice Server" the system automatically looks for an IP with the default port open. if it doesn't find one it will +1 the port number so as not to conflict with another game.




If you are using the manual method of setup (gaming services>new service" the system will warn you that another game is using that port allready.

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just seems strange im useing Create a Game and Voice Server




I just set up 2 shoutcast servers




i have 3 Ip's assigned to one dedicated server




IP xx.xxx.xx.xx port 8000 for myself




and i created another server




Differnet IP but it gave me the same Port i do have Port Increment set to 1




is this correct









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If it goes on a different port then it can use the same port number.




The system goes through each IP that you have in the system with the same port number. The once the default port number is taken on each IP, it goes back to the original IP and +1's the port.



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