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I was reading in the features the following language:


Patching system -Probably the most annoying thing about hosting is patch time. Let's face it STEAM updates suck! With TCAdmin you can download once from STEAM and then update all your servers at once! It includes an update generator utility which runs the update and creates the patch file based on changed files only! With that one patch file you can update all your server at once, or allow your clients access to one click install as well.


Basically, since we have many servers, it is time consuming to go into the server page for each one and click the steam icon to perform a steam update. this feature description makes it seem like i could automate or script this process so that i could execute a single action and have all of our servers receive steam updates sequentially until complete.


am i understanding this description correctly and if so, any existing documentation or procedures out there on this? if this post does not belong in the support forum, please advise and i will remove and repost appropriately.

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