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Do you smell Fraud? LOL


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So a Guy Rents a dedicated server.


Address is in Arkansas.

IP comes back to a FDC Server proxy.

and he can't speak very good english in the tickets when we ask a atime we can call to verify.


His reply.....


i am currently in a business troup .

and i wown't be back till 3 weeks .

i did purchase this server because i have a Gaming Community Project ,So

please be sure that it's me ,and i thank god that My Credit card is here in My

pocket (Secure :)).


So PLease Activate my server for i start my project .

and i ll tell you when to contact me when i ll be back .


Peace ,



Our Reply


Nothing on your order matches, your name on the email does not match the order, your ordering IP is using a proxy and the IP your emails orginate from is in the middle east, you have an american name and speak broken english - this order has been cancelled for fraud.


Then his.... At least he's a honest thief!


Why You care ?

i have the money ,i want to have server

please ,i found this CC in AERPORT.

i like your comany ,please accept the order.



Good for a laugh anyway........... ;)

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And the Saga continues...


Guy comes on live chat using the same Email address and name he used for this fraud now looking for Sponsorship!



Patrick: Hi, How may I help you?

Reda Alioui: hi

Reda Alioui: please don't get off this chat and be respectful :)

Reda Alioui: well

Reda Alioui: we are currently sponsored By ANother COMPANY eukhost.com ,but we want to change to Hypernia ,is it possible ?

Patrick: No, especially since you made some fraudulant orders with us in the past using stolen Credit cards..

Patrick: have a great Day!

Patrick: good bye




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