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  • 3 weeks later...

excuse me,


what did you do to sort it?


when I click on remove spaces in the config, they can't login at all.


when I uncheck that box,


it drops me a 550 ( system cannot find the file )








Julian Wagenhuis

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Browsers can produce this error if users are trying to use Internet Explorer or Firefox.




Tell your users to enable (PASV) Passive mode in their browsers for FTP. Or the best method is to use an external FTP program and also set that program to use (PASV) mode as well.




If you are showing errors in your console at startup about the FTP port allready being in use, that means you have another FTP server running on that machine. You have 2 choices. 1. Stop the other FTP. 2. Change the port number for the TCAdmin ftp and restart the master monitor.

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