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Haven't searched around the net yet. but intial results looks like they are missing a way to set the IP for the server.




I have set it to use the default IP in this config. If anyone finds out more info, please post it.




This is a CTF config..


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Sin Server is now available from steam.. here are the instructions on how to get it and run it.. by looking at this you will have to have 2 different configs... I would test it myself but currently i am onl running linux servers for games




<div class="pre"><pre>1. Install the Half Life Dedicated Server tool through Steam.


2. Download the Half Life Dedicated Server Update Tool.


3. Install the tool into a directory of your choice. (e.g. C:\sinserver\)


4. Open a command prompt and run the exe with the following command line.


hldsupdatetool.exe -command update -game sin -dir <gamedir>


Where <gamedir> is the directory you want the files to be downloaded to (e.g. C:\sinserver). You may need to set your firewall to allow access for the program.


5. Once the files are downloaded, load the correct batch file for the gametype you want to host. ds_sinctf.bat or ds_deathmatch.bat.


You need set a hostname in order for your server to appear as a name other than <noname> in the Steam server browser.

___________________________________________________________ </pre></div>

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Got a Configuration up, for easier handling between DM and CTF Mode the file lh-sin-d.exe is required in the game files directory of this game.




all attached below.




<table border="0" align="center" width="90%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td class="SmallText">Quote:</td></tr><tr><td class="quote">



<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>






<NAME>Sin Episodes Emergence</NAME>


















































































<DESCRIPTION>This will run your server in CTF Mode after restart.</DESCRIPTION>




























<CONTENTS>bind 1 "use Fists"


bind 2 "use Magnum"


bind 3 "use Shotgun"


bind 4 "use AssaultRifle"


bind 5 "use Chaingun"


bind 6 "use SpiderMine"


bind 7 "use RocketLauncher"


bind 8 "use PulseRifle"


bind 9 "use QuantumDestabilizer"


bind 0 "use SniperRifle"


bind BACKSPACE "cmd wuss"


alias toggleviewmode "cmd toggleviewmode"


alias god "cmd superfuzz"


alias noclip "nocollision"


alias notarget "wallflower"


developer 0</CONTENTS>


<DESCRIPTION>Only Expert Configuration</DESCRIPTION>


































bind DEL +lookdown


bind PGDN +lookup


bind END centerview


bind SHIFT +speed


bind e +use




bind a +moveleft


bind d +moveright


bind w +forward


bind UPARROW +forward


bind s +back


bind DOWNARROW +back


bind LEFTARROW +left


bind RIGHTARROW +right


bind SPACE +moveup


bind CTRL +movedown












bind ENTER invuse


bind [ invprev


bind ] invnext


bind q droptech


bind / weapnext




bind mwheelup weapprev


bind mwheeldown weapnext




bind 1 "use Fists"


bind 2 "use Magnum"


bind 3 "use Shotgun"


bind 4 "use AssaultRifle"


bind 5 "use Chaingun"


bind 6 "use SpiderMine"


bind 7 "use RocketLauncher"


bind 8 "use PulseRifle"


bind 9 "use QuantumDestabilizer"


bind 0 "use SniperRifle"












bind \ +mlook












bind PAUSE "pause"


bind ESCAPE "togglemenu"


bind ~ "toggleconsole"


bind ` "toggleconsole"


bind TAB "showinfo"


bind i "toggleviewmode"




bind F1 "showhelp"


bind F2 "menu_savegame"


bind F3 "menu_loadgame"


bind F4 "menu_keys"


bind F5 "menu_multiplayer"


bind F6 "echo Quick Saving...; wait; wait; save quick"


bind F7 "menu_video"


bind F8 "menu_adv_video"


bind F9 "echo Quick Loading...; wait; wait; load quick"


bind F10 "menu_quit"


bind F11 "invshow"


bind F12 "screenshot"




bind t "messagemode"


bind y "messagemode2"


bind u "messagemode3"


bind + "sizeup"


bind = "sizeup"


bind - "sizedown"




bind INS +klook












bind MOUSE1 +attack


bind MOUSE2 weaponuse












set viewsize 100


set vid_fullscreen 1


set win_noalttab 0


set sensitivity 3


set crosshair 1


set cl_run 1


set hand 0


set m_pitch 0.022


set m_yaw 0.022


set m_forward 1


set m_side 0.8


set lookspring 0


set lookstrafe 0


set freelook 1


set in_joystick 0










set name Blade


set model pl_blade


set skin blade_base










set locale en








alias dedicated_start "set lan 1; set public 1; set maxclients 16; set allow_download 1; map spry"




// Puts up a black screen


alias i1 "toggleconsole;menu_load intro;menu_generic"




// Runs through Ritual logo and 2 demos


//alias d1 "menu_logon"


alias d1 "demomap ritual_logo.bik; set nextserver d2"


alias d2 "demomap sintro.bik; set nextserver d3"


alias d3 "menu_logon"










alias q1 "demomap ritual_logo.bik; set nextserver q2"


alias q2 "demomap sintro.bik; set nextserver q3"


alias q3 "demomap demo1.dm2 ; set nextserver q4"


alias q4 "demomap demo2.dm2 ; set nextserver q5"


alias q5 "demomap demo3.dm2 ; set nextserver q1"




// Play the game credits


alias c1 "menu_load credits;menu_generic"




set developer 0


set dedicated 1


set sv_appid 1309


set sv_maplist " spry,paradox,hotair,gluttony,envy,sincity,sindm6,sindm9,oilr igdm,biodm,eisenblatt,whatever,pride,skeen,railroad "


set sv_fraglimit 15


set sv_timelimit 20






// taunts






altbind 1 "taunt 1"


altbind 2 "taunt 2"


altbind 3 "taunt 3"


altbind 4 "taunt 4"


altbind 5 "taunt 5"


altbind 6 "taunt 6"


altbind 7 "taunt 7"


altbind 8 "taunt 8"


altbind 9 "taunt 9"


altbind 0 "taunt 10"






<DESCRIPTION>Default Configuration</DESCRIPTION>


<DISPLAYNAME>Default Configuration</DISPLAYNAME>












<CONTENTS>//This file is executed on every restart and map change




set deathmatch 1


set public %isprivate%


set developer 1


set logfile 1








set rcon_password %rconpassword%


set hostname "%hostname%"


set dmflags 841224




set timelimit 30


set fraglimit 50


set sv_maplist " sincity,street,sindm9,spry,sindm6,biodm,sin1sg,hotair,whatev er "




set allow_download "1"




map sincity</CONTENTS>
















<CONTENTS>bind 1 "use Fists"


bind 2 "use Magnum"


bind 3 "use Shotgun"


bind 4 "use AssaultRifle"


bind 5 "use Chaingun"


bind 6 "use SpiderMine"


bind 7 "use RocketLauncher"


bind 8 "use PulseRifle"


bind 9 "use QuantumDestabilizer"


bind 0 "use SniperRifle"


alias toggleviewmode "cmd toggleviewmode"


set sv_maplist " ctf_spry,ctf_kungfu,ctf_hip,ctf_brafish,ctf_para,ctf_zor,ctf _fetus,ctf_dig "


set ctf 1


set capturelimit 5


set allow_download 1</CONTENTS>
















<CONTENTS>set sv_appid 1309


set maxclients 16


set ctf 1


set deathmatch 1


set capturelimit 5


set allow_download 1


set sv_maplist " ctf_spry,ctf_kungfu,ctf_hip,ctf_brafish,ctf_para,ctf_zor,ctf _fetus,ctf_dig "


map ctf_spry</CONTENTS>
















<CONTENTS>@echo off


//Please note that the system is monitorin your slots amount and hostname, changing any bound settings


//without permission will lead to warnings and or the disabling of your services.




//<-------------------------------------STARTING PARAMETER------------------------------------------>\ \


start sin +set dedicated 1 +set maxplayers "%slots%" +set name "%hostname%"</CONTENTS>
















<CONTENTS>@echo off


//Please note that our system is monitoring your hostname and slots, in case of changing a bound setting our


//system will be warning you automatically and might disable your services.




//<-------------------------------------------------- -STARTING PARAMETER-------------------------------------->\\


start sin +set game ctf +set dedicated 1 +exec sinctf.cfg +set maxplayers "%slots%" +set name "%hostname%"




<DESCRIPTION>Basic Configuration of your CTF Game Mode</DESCRIPTION>





















Have Fun






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I updated the orginal SIN.txt file I posted before. It seems that there are two variables that are needed in the commandline in order to set the server IP and port.




The variables are:




+set hostip x.x.x.x


+set hostport xxxxx




The config I updated has these changes in it, along with the corrected game port which I had orginally set to 27015.

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