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I had to share this email that was sent through our contact form...








----------------- SNIP ----------------




Product Interested in: General Inquiry


Message: Hello, i was wondering were cud i find a cheap Dallas,Tx box for with about 15 ip\'z ?? i dont know much about this stuff but i know they make servers and i wanna start a lil biznuss on the side yo.... =/








----------------- SNIP ------------------








And everyone wonders why GSP's get a bad rap...

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I can hardly wait to see his posts there :smile:......




I enjoy reading the posts from GSP's that are having problems there :smile:...Their panel, in my opinion, is geared towards a gaming clan that want to run a dedicated server and multiple games on it. I do not know how a GSP can properly run their business on it, waiting for them to patch it and such.

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An excerpt below from an IM conversation with an active GSP...




"XYZGSP: yes but that fast e is a solid line its thicker"






:shock: :grin: :confused:


Yet another example the wonders of knowledge...LOL






Put in context: after being advised of packet loss issues on his client hardware after installing a different switch, he claimed it was due to a copper feed (versus a fiber) to his new switch. When advised he has a copper feed to his rack he made the comment above.






(reality check, he bought an old switch beyond it's EOL, and likely has not properly configured it)



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