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Requesting Quake 2


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Anyone out there with a working config file for q2? I know this game is old but i do have some clients that want it...i have tried modding the q3 cfg file and it says its creating the game server however it never unzips any of the files any help would be appreciated.







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Check the monitorerrors.txt file located in C:\Program Files\TCAdmin Control Panle folder on your server. It should show you why the server isn't being created.




Also make sure if you aree using zipped files that you put them in the top level Game Installs directory and not within the game's subfolder.




<div class="pre"><pre>Example: C:\GameInstalls\Q2\Q2.zip = incorrect</pre></div>




<div class="pre"><pre>Example: C:\GameInstalls\Q2.zip = correct</pre></div>




Make sure your zip file matches the name of the Folder name you specify in the game configuration for that game.




If the Games Folder Name is Q2 in the game config, make sure you create the zip file as Q2.zip.



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