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Mani Admin settings


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I've created a MOD for Mani Admin, with the basic file structure in a zip file, which seems to extract fine into the correct place on each game server.




However, I just wondered if anyone had set up any config files or default command line settings for the MOD that I have most likely missed.

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i think he uses the valve.rc somehow.




Anyway if you want to make sure it is working, i would not add the line to server.cfg, add it to valve.rc sincethat is nearly nevergetting updated by valve and you should be able to overwrite it with no problems.




What i am still doing on mod installations is creating a newmodreadme.txt in the $base of the server, the clients see that when they go for configuring the mod and most read it. There you can put some tips in what still needs to be done.









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Putting the command in the servr.cfg is much easier.That way the client doesn't have to do anything except click the button to install it. And the server.cfg never get's overwritten as far as I can remember back.




You could also put it in the new commandline for the mod as well? After the exec server.cfg.



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ive never had it overwrite before also long as you use the patches and not the full install updates




we run quite a few css servers with mani admin and mattie mods we have always put the exec command in the server.cfg




plus if the customer puts it in there server.cfg they can switch if off it they want ;)





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The latest version does still require a line in the config.




The way I work it is in my config editor I have an option for each mod. IE


Is this server running the Mani Admin mod?




yes = exec mani_server.cfg


no = //exec mani_server.cfg




Having the line allways there will cuase an error. While the game should still run, more errors mean slower starts and personally I wonder about the stability. The above option makes it easy to remove the error as when it's set to no the command is escaped out. :cool:

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