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Bug: Monitor-Service install not working [RESOLVED]


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TCAdmin Version:

Operating System: Debian Squeeze, 64 bit, Stock Kernel customized for 1000Hz

Machine Specs: Dual X5472 @ 3.00GHz, 8GB

Database Type: mysql


During a fresh installation, installing or uninstalling the tcadmin2 services fails (see logs).


We are doing a fresh installation, reinstalling everything except database and installed game servers. We've had couple of installs and reinstalls, so the installation is in an undefined state. As far as I can tell there are no startup files lingering in /etc/init.d, and there are no references in the rc.d paths.

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I have uploaded a fix to 2.0.19 that fixes this error. To apply it:


  • Delete Monitor/WebServices/bin and ControlPanel/bin because they contain filenames that change from update to update and can cause conflict.
  • Download tca2beta.zip again and extract overwriting the files.

If you want to keep your current settings make a backup of ConfigUtility.config and tcadmin-config and restore them after extracting.

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