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hlstats - anybody have experience?


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Putting this scripts on your game box is really messing it up, it is a chaos of files not to mention the traffic some users manage to get :roll:




My recommendation:


always keep game applications and web applications strictly seperated. :razz:




In stead of HLSTATS you should check out http://www.psychostats.com since that supports the Back Catalog games and Source Engine, as well they have pretty well done tutorials how to set everything up.




As well make sure to not breach their licenses since most of them do not allow to resell it, but i think it should be ok if you take money for the hosting,...even thou I am not even sure about that.

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Running hlstatsx on a dual xeon Red Hat Enterprise box with 12 VERY popular servers, I've noticed load times of anywhere between .5% and 1% utilization with full debug logging enabled.




HLSTATS/X gets a bad rap because people think "real-time" stats are resource hogs... but I've found actually the opposite.




Processing Psycostats is worse than hlstats/x




Just my input





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I rmember when I set it up abouta year ago I had a problem with it and it would sometimes not monitor the server appropriate. It was quite annoying at times, sometimes it would work and others it wouldnt. I gave up after it was quite random but it was definately good.

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