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BF2 & CF2CC :(


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Could some one PLEASE PLEASE helpme,




I am trying to get BF2 working with BF2CC with the daemon setting so customers can use both control panel and BF2CC.




Only problem is it doesn't work :mad:




Can some one please help me out ! ! and maybe set it up for me




I have lost half my hair and god knows how much sleep !




Please help




Jason :sad:

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I have the same issue. But I run the TCAdmin dedicated version fromdefconservers. But I can not get bf2cc to work it wants to start a whole new server. It will not work with the one I create with TCAdmin and we are clan that competes and need to change maps and settings all the time and rcon is just a waste of time. It would be great if anyone here has any ideas on how to get bf2cc to work with TCAdmin.

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Ace you will be stuck as you don't have access to change any of the admin settings with a dedicated server version. You may want to ask your provider to create a new config that starts the manager vs. the game.




As for anyone else running the full version. Instead of calling the BF2 game executable, set TCAdmin to start the BF2CC program instead. Then users can configure and start the actual game server through that.

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