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Enterprise License ( Unlimited )


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There guys been wanting to get this and i think the time as come to spend my Girl friends money (jk) maybe the selling of my house




anyway the only thing im not sure about is this bit


10 user assigned remote servers each




could you explain







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The 10 server limit is placed only on the dedicated server feature set only.




As far as regular game server boxes, you may run as many boxes as you like.




For the "dedicated" or assign a whole server box to a user, the limit is 10 for the Enterprise license.





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yep i was wondering about this too since i thought about getting that license too. Another thing which is kind of a shame is the yearly update fee, why is it so high :confused:




If you think of all the updates and new features added within a year and couple that with the number of times you contact support, it really isn't that high.




Of course it is optional, and you do not have to renew it.




There were 2 ways we could have priced it. The first would be to price it one-time at a much higher level and include lifetime updates. This would have run in the $8-10k range.




This way, we are able to keep the pricing lower, and for the people that want support and upgrades, they can pay as they go.

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Depends on what sort of business plan you have.




Over 5 years the cost of an enterprise license is $5040. Take into account that each individual server costs you $16 and then further divide that by 60 months (5 years) and it actually works out at 6 physical servers before you start saving money.




But remember this is over 5 years.




If your business plan is only based on 1 year the number of servers increases to 15 physical servers before you start to save any money over the monthly amount for the leased licences.




Its all in the maths (and mine is s**t thats why I have leased licences :grin: )

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  • 2 months later...

What I am trying to figure out is it says 5 Master Licenses and 10 Remotes for each master... right?




The master licenses are for running website part am I correct? So you can run 5 different websites or its for 5 different locations... this part I am not clear of.




The way I see it is you have 5 master licenses and 10 remotes each so thats 50 remotes total split off of 5 seperate master licenses... how you can get this to go with one server company IDK.




Can anyone totally explain this to me before I buy?




Thank you.

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The 5 masters mentioned are if you wanted to run 5 different locations, or seperate login points for various purposes.


You do not need to run 5, you can run 1 which will control all your remote servers. However, we do include 5 in case you would like to put a master in more than one location.




The "10" limit which you mentioned is for the TCAdmin "dedicated server" feature set. This allows you to assign an entire box to a user, who then is presented with a different website than a regular user. This site allows a person to install and delete game and voice servers to the dedicated box that they have rented, while pulling config and game files from your master server. Of course once a game is installed they have the same control over it as the regular user would have.




In a nutshell, if you are one company, you can run 1 master server which controls unlimited remote machines all from one web login point with an enterprise license.





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OK so back to my question... :razz:




How I read it and understand it is that you can have up to 5 master boxes in 5 seperate locations managing 10 dedicated remote boxes each. So in other words up to 50 remote boxes total is what I understand from how it is written.




<table border="0" align="center" width="90%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td class="SmallText">Quote:</td></tr><tr><td class="quote">

Windows XP/2000/2003 Up to 5 master servers with unlimited remote servers and up to 10 user assigned remote servers each.





Is this correct?




One other question is that this control panel works with Helm. Does it work with the Helm shopping cart ordering system so we dont need to have modern bill on top of that(ie cut it down to just one shopping cart sytem) or do we need to run all Helm products and TCadmin products and modern bill to make it all work together?

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TCAdmin is not integrated with HELM. We simply offer HELM based webhosting accounts in case a client does not want to run IIS and MYSql on their servers.




As far as billing integration, we have a module for Modernbill v4 that can automate the setup and suspension of client's game and voice servers.




However, if you are not familiar with Modernbill itself, you may not want to go down that road. The setup of the module and packages requires that you have a working knowlege of teh Modernbill billing system and it's API.

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My concern is because with the new Helm version 4 thats out in beta now supports a lot of stuff... including setting up modules and packages, a new shopping cart system, controlling services and all... I cant see spending money that is not needed. I just would think that a module that worked with Helm 4 shopping cart and integrate it all so its easier to run reseller accounts that work with helm and TCAdmin would be a great combination and skip a middle man in the process.




I do understand modern bill can automate the order process with TC Admin through cron and such I believe. And I believe that the new helm does the same...




If I wanted to offer both websites and game servers wouldnt you think that this solution would be the best. Modernbill is popular and will always be in demand. But if TC Admin could put some time into downloading the beta version and see if we can get them to work together by making a module that works with it like you have done for modernbill you would make even more money down the line.




I would even donate some time and energy and test servers installed with it all and possibly help build the module to work helm 4's api. It seems like from what I read from its new features you should be reselling helm here along with your product and visa versa! It looks to me like helm could really manage the game process's to a point. I think I will download it first to see what it can do. and download your trial software and run a few tests I guess that would be best.




Let me know if I can be of any service and possibly get a brake down the line ^^.

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