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Below is a collection of general questions and answers regarding TCAdmin and the Game Hosting Business:




Q: What is required to run TCAdmin on my servers?


A: Please see the KB article located here http://esupport.tcadmin.com/index.php?_m=knowledgebase&_ a=viewarticle&kbarticleid=1&nav=0




Q: How Many and what type of license do I need?


A: Licnensing has 2 models. One would be leased licensing which would carry a month fee, and the other is purchased licensing which is a one time fee. All licensing is based on "server count". A server being a dedicated box located in a datacenter. This is not "per gameserver". A license is good for 1 "server box" on which you may run as many game servers as you like. Each system requires (1) Master Server. After that you may add on Remote Servers for any dedicated server you wish to add.




Q: What benefit would it be to me to get a hosting account from you?


A: Currently you are required to install Mircrosoft IIS on all Master Server, along with MYSql if you intend to use that databse format. With our TCAdmin Hostig Accounts, we host the webpages and database on our servers, which allows the client to simply run the monitor program on their machine. This cuts down the overhead required to run TCAdmin on the client's machine.




Q: Can I change the layout and look of my panel?


A: Yes. TCAdmin includes a full template system which allows you to edit, upload etc.. You can change colors, logos, icons and even the stylesheet used. You can even upload your own header and footer to integrate TCAdmin into your existing website. TCAdmin also allows for multiple templates to be stored in it's template system, allowing for users to choose between the layout they like.




Q: What comes with the hosting account? Can I install whatever I want to it? Do I have access to the files?


A: The hosting accounts sold by TCAdmin are strictly used for hosting the TCAdmin webpages and the TCAdmin database on MYSql. You cannot install anything else to this account. We do allow clients who would like to upload images or stylesheets to their TCAdmin web folder the ability to do so. You may contact support at any time to request a file upload.




Q: What's the difference between a Master Server and a Remote Server?


A: The Master Server functions similarly to the remote with a couple of key acceptions. The master server house the webpages and datbase for your TCAdmin system. This is where your clients would access the web based pages of TCAdmin and where all database and authorization calls would be made. A master server can also be used to host game servers on if you wish. A remote server would be a server strictly with games on it. Remote servers do not require the installation of any web software, database etc.. They run a small footprint monitor program which sends and receives commands from the Master Server.




Q: What database type do you recommend I use?


A: For smaller systems with 10 or fewer remote servers attached, we suggest using the Access database. For systems larger than 10 servers we suggest using the MYSql database. Using this method requires that you have a MYSql database server running and have root access to it. Using the Access database needs no external software, it is a simple 1 file .mdb file.




Q: Do you provide the game files?


A: No. We do not provide game files. Some game files are freely availible for download, while others you will need to purchase the actual game CDs in order to get the files required to host the game.




Q: Can you help me with my games?


A: No. TCadmin does not provide support for people trying to learn how to host games. That is not what our product is designed for. Our software is designed for Game Service Providers that know how to host. You will require a full working knowlege of all the games you wish to host in order to use our product. We will not teach you how to host a game.




Q: I see you have a module for the Moderbill billing system. Is it easy to setup?


A: It depends on your knowlege of Modernbill. If you have never used Modernbill or it's advanced API system, then we do NOT suggest ordering modernbill and attempting to set it up. In other words, this is not a module you can simply turn on and magically have an order/setup system.




Q: I see you have a linux beta version. Can I try it?


A: NO. Our current linux version is a close beta within our current customer base.






Q: How long has TCAdmin been in business?


A: TCAdmin whos parent company is Balance Servers, Inc. has been in business since 2004. The TCAdmin product was released in April of 2005 for retail sales.









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