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Hey Guys quick question after reading through all of the support section i couldnt find a match for my little problem.


I know all about the update.exe [nice] but the problem im getting is this.


Made the folder TCA.Patches folder


uploaded the required patch exe to the server [in this case bf1942]


Ran the tool filled in the information hit enter .Starts the patch fine but says the same thing as trying to run the patch directly off desktop [windows box]


cannot find installed version of game?


So since im uploading installed games directly from my PC,to the dedicated i wanted to know how exactly does this work.As the statement says its actually not installed on the system its just running its dedicated exe on the games.


Probably a simple answer,but i dont mind cause im a pretty simple guy.


Also i have made a few tutorials for my clients covering basic login to more advanced use. Is there a section that you have made already? I saw some reference to it before from another user but have found nothing more. And yes Camtasia does a rather nice job,for less than half the size files of other capturing programs.


Cheers in Advance :grin:

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Hey mate,thanks for the response, but the only reason i ask is ive used the file generator before [once] for a cod2 patch and it worked. Lol for the life of me i cant get it going again. Just wondering if everyone else does it the way you mentioned?.


Also if doing it that way how do you track what files are new and modified? Is there a easy way?



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BF 1942 has a dedicated server download, it does not require you to upload any files from your home PC.




I would install the dedicated server onto your server box, and then run the patch on that.




Keep in mind, the BF series has a habit of uninstalling the original install of the game before creating the new patched install, if you have grabbed the full server version.




If thats the case, simply take out the config files that would be unique on clients servers from the install, zip up the directory and use that as the patch file.





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