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As some of you have found out, we have made the switch over to the new E-Support system this afternoon.




From this point forward all emails sent to support@tcadmin.com will be handled by the new system, and anyone who visits http://support.tcadmin.com will also notice the change.




Clients of TCAdmin who have accounts within our billing system can login to Modernbill and click the "Support" link which will bring them to the new system automatically. It is now integrated into Modernbill.




Please let us kow if you find anything out of place.




We will be utilizing this new support center's knowlegbase quite a bit more than the last. You will see when you goto the system that we have allready post a few KB articles allready, and we plan do add many more.

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It seems that some people were having problems receiving email responses from the new support system. While the ticket was responded to and the user could login and view the response in the support system, emails showing the ticket had been updated were not being send out to everyone.




We have located and changed some mail settings within Kayako, and this problem should be fixed.




Sorry for any problems this may have caused.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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