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Where do I put custom gametypes for Halo?


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I've been trying to get this server set up for a couple days now and I'm having trouble getting it to find the custom gametypes. What directory do I have to upload them to in order for the server to run?

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From the readme.txt file included with the Halo dedicated server...




You can create custom game types (using the full retail version of Halo) and include these game types on your server rotation. This would enable you, for example, to include a Rockets only game on your server rotation. To do so, follow these steps:




? Launch the full retail version of Halo.


? Under Multiplayer, choose Edit Game Types.


? Create a new game type (refer to the Halo documentation if you need help to do this).


? Save your new game type.


? Quit Halo.


? Open your Halo save games folder (by default, this would be “My Documents\My Games\Halo\savegames”).


? You will see the name of the custom game type you created as a folder directory.


? Make sure this folder is available on your server (in the same location on disk).


? Use the name of your custom game type in your mapcycle.txt file

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