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Game-Monitor.com Integration!


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As you all know, we like to create relationships with other companies that we feel add value to our product and the gaming industry.




Well we would like to announce our latest venture with Game-Monitor.com.






Starting with the next update, we have added Game-Monitor integration which will automatically send your server information out to Game-Monitor for inclusion in their database. This will happen whenever you create a game server if you have the system turned on.




Within approximately 15 minutes your game server will have been added to the ever-growning Game-Monitor database, and will be seen by thousands of gamers all over the world.




Along with their free server database listing Game-Monitor also offers low cost additonal features that your clients may be interested in.




* Game Server Monitors


* Buddy Lists


* Website Modules


* Image Modules / Signatures


* XML Feeds


* AJAX Web Modules





We wish to thank Wojtek from Game-Monitor for giving us a hand with coding instructions and sort out a few minor issues.




We hope you all enjoy this new feature. We will be releasing more info on how to use it when we release the next update next week.




For the time being here is a screenshot of what it looks like within TCAdmin.



















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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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