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hosting company for sale


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I hereby am selling my gameserver hosting company, Fokking Servers




Company started off beginning January 2006 with 2 clients. These clients soon grew to 5 clients spread over 2 dedicated servers.


Now its just 1 dedicated server with 3 clients.




my partner and I have decided to stop our business in the gameserver hosting area.


We are trying to sell our company. Although we don't really have our papers done at the moment, we were busy on it ( I have alot of papers sitting in front of me )




It includes:


3 months of Dedicated Server ( p4 3ghz, 1gb ram, 80gb harddisk and 300gb bandwith ) which costs 195? per 3 months. You are obliged to take another 3 months ( 5august - 5october ) and than you can quit that contract.


It also includes a month-to-month subscription to TCAdmin 1 master server liscense.




Everything works fine and is setup.




please, post any offers or comments here.


I would like to get paid through either bank wire or paypal.










Julian Wagenhuis




http://www.fokkingservers.com ( not sure if I am allowed or not to post a link to my company's website )

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I might be willing to purchase the costomers off of you, but I am not going to assume your contracts with other companies. My guess is you are going to have trouble finding anyone wanting to do that.


If you want to discuss this option drop me an email at admin at dragongameservers dot com

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