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Game Server Activity, Not Working


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Here are the instructions for getting the game graphs in TCAdmin to work. In your case pay special attention to step 3


But I am posting them all for review so you and others can ensure you have done everything ;)




1- Enable the system monitor plugin. Log in to your control


panel and go to System Settings > Plugin Manager > Configure


the System Monitor Plugin.


Enableing this option requires you to restart your monitors. Do this by going to System Settings > Servers > Click on Restart All. This will restart all your remote monitors. Then restart your master monitor by clicking on "Restart" next to "Master Server".




2- Enable performance logging for game servers. Go to System


Settings > Plugin Manager > Configure the System Monitor Plugin.


Under "Game Server Performance Charts" enable the checkbox labeled "Collect Game Server Performance Data".




3- On your master server, create a scheduled task that executes


"RunScheduledTasks.bat". It is recommended to schedule this task to run every 30 minutes, but you can set it to run at any interval you want. if you set it execute every 30 minutes, it takes between 15 to 30 seconds to proccess each server's performance log files depending on your master's proccessing power.

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