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Wierd network problem

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I am having a wierd network problem. I have a ticket in with the company I collocat with to check the line. But figured I would get a headstart on the hunt for the culprit if they tell me the line is good and ask here.


On one of my network cards I start having a real bad signal anytime the outbound traphic exceeds 1mbps. Total traffic can exceed this amount but outbound traphic just goes to crap above the stupid 1 mbps outbound rate which is easy to do on a game server.




Any ideas on what might be wrong and what I should look at?


Anyone had simular experiences?




(FYI: Windows 2003 server)

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I would say do 2 things:




1. Update your network card drivers to the lates version you can find.




2. Make sure the settings for the NIC card match those of the switch it is plugged into at the DC.




We have seen numerous problems caused by network cards having different settings than the switch.




Some cards, even when set to auto have problems. So make sure you match the DC's switch exactly.




Example: DC switch is set to 10 mb Half Duplex on the port, make sure your card is set the same.



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