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<font color="red">Important: After updating from now on you must restart your remote monitors in System Settings > Servers > Restart All. This is required because of the way updates are executed. Now remote servers are updated at the same time instead of one after the other like before. This makes the update a lot faster for clients with lots of servers but also introduces a new problem. When the remotes are restarting the master could still be updating so it's not accepting connections. This causes remote servers to not start correctly.</font>




New Features




- Added support for game installations from files hosted on other FTP servers. To configure other FTP servers go to System Settings > File Servers. Add your FTP server. Then go to System Settings > Servers. Configure your server to use FTP setup and select the file server. Mods, maps and update installations is also supported.




- Added copy button in Supported Game Settings. This allows you to make a complete copy of your game settings without having to export, change the game id, then import again.




- Added an option to enable/disable the command line builder for users in Supported Game Settings. If this is disabled only admins and subadmins can create new command lines. The user will only be able to see the command line changer and select an existing command line. Default value is enabled.




- Added an option to override the default command line in the game server's service settings. This allows you to set a full command line for a specific game server.








- Fixed some time out problems when creating game servers on Linux and the operation took too long.




- Fixed a null object error when using the billing api with load balancing.




- Fixed some problems with the FTP server when uploading a whole folder using Smart FTP and probably other FTP clients.




Please review the following KB article for info on how to configure an External FTP Server.


http://esupport.tcadmin.com/index.php?_m=knowledgebase&_ a=viewarticle&kbarticleid=19&nav=0,3

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