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I am having some problems.




I am creating a server on a remote server. To do this I have create a .zip on the Ma\ster server. When I click create it transfers the .zip then it runs into an error fairly quickly.




GSAutomation.Processes.CreateGameServer: Could not unzip file: Could not find a part of the path " C:\Userfiles\DemoServers\GameServers\TC143080451813381126767 38\addons\ ".






What is the reason for this?




If you have any idea Id appreciate a response.











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Can someone explain this for me.








I don't understand how the CPU Resources is so low.




If this were on my Master server it would be something like 18%




The only difference is this:




Master Server:


Windows Professional


Dual 3Ghz Xeons


2gb RAM






Windows Server 2003


Dual 3Ghz Xeons








I don't understand the difference. Why it would be so much. Unless it really should be that low??



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