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Several Brief Questions - Mani/Batch Game Setup


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How do I view the Batch Game Setups?




Those that are queued to be setup. I have set the permissions for Admin in the appropriate place but it doesnt show me the Games waiting to be setup. Or batch jobs..




Is there something else? I mean all of the options are unchecked in the permissions but I can still see everything. When I check them, it makes no change.






Secondly, how do I get the Mani Config Editor to work with games. Its already working with CSS but I wanted to get it working for HLDM. I can't remember how it is done.







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I don't quite get what you are asking in the first question. There is no place you would see what is being setup for game servers except if you are using the mod_tcadmin Module with Modernbill nd were to goto Pending Game Setups from the main menu.




As far as Mani or AMXX mod. Tcadmin searches the user installation directory for the admin file. Once you drop the mod into their directory it will then automatically find it.

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OKay thanks for the claification.




I just thought that there might be a Module that tells me what is been processed. Cause sometimes I press an installation and after an hour I think that the system has 'lost' it.







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