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Found a forum for GSP's


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Yeah, I just got spam from them to in our mailboxes...






<table border="0" align="center" width="90%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td class="SmallText">Quote:</td></tr><tr><td class="quote">



am Aj formely the owner Ajservers.com


Im shooting you a quick email to invite you to register at a new site that will kick off this weekend.


It is called gsponly.com and is geared towards providing information and server downloads and forum for gsp industry. Providers Only!


This site will generate traffic and become a tusted site for current and future gsp industry providers and will be closed off 100% to the general public all users must register to gain access to the sites or forums so your link will only been seen by members who are releated to GSP services. We are posative you will find this new online community useful in your GSP service.


again this site is not yet operational but the forum can be acessed at the following URL http://gsponly.com




Thanks for taking the time to read











Not fun... I might have gone and looked at it before, but Im not even going to do it now.

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OK since when is passing on a link spam. My name is Ben. I own Ajservers/CreatureWeb. My friend Aj whom I got the link from this morning is the former owner of Ajservers. I'm a little confused as to what isn't fun or what warrants the spam talk and disreguard of what I had to say.

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Why not be honest and just say you guys are starting this site for GSP's, instead of trying to make it like you "found" this great site. Legitimate GSP's would probably have a bit more respect for that and might even be interested........

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but he was the guy who had the attitude in the forum before I seem to remember




He asked people to add him also for help so I added him and he just started to jump down my throat asking me why the hell I added him.




Not a very pleasant guy




not a big fan of him or of his spam myself so won't be bothering




besides all that




tcadmin forums answer everything I need

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My apologies ECF. I was 100% in the wrong with my post. Just because rule #1 was broken originally, that does not give me the green light to break #3.




I guess I have just been wound up a bit from some other forums I participate in and dealing with some of those posts and authors ......




My apologies also go to Ajservers.

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