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Looking for Game Developers!!


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My name is Adam, and Im from Ignition Studios. Were currently working on a new World War 2 First Person Shooter game called Heart of the Battle. Were using the Torque Shader Engine found here at http://www.garagegames.com. It uses many inhansed features such as 3d FX, Atlas Terrain Engine and many shaders and lighting systems. This will be a free game like Americas Army or Wolfenstien Enemy Territory. This game will include the following features and many more:




Air, Water and Ground Vehicles


US, Canadian, Russian, British Allied Forces


Japaneese, German Axis Forces


Large Scale Multiplayer Levels and 128 man Public Servers


Valor Servers ($500/company Licence)


Real time Ranking System (Valor Servers)


Day to Night Simulations


Many Many More.....




We are looking for developers in the following areas with the following job descriptions:




Modeler (1 needed)




You will be creating weapons, vehicles and player meshes as well as misc objects (trees/rocks). We prefer 3DS Max Studio 8, and you need to know alot about the following criteria:


-Bounds Box


-Mount points (mount0)


-Detail Levels


Also you will need to know how to animate player bones aswell as animate weapon and vehicle movements.




Mappers (multiplayer) (no limit)




You will we working with the Torque Atlas Engine, as well as CoDRadiant to create seamless indoor/outdoor world maps. CoDRadiant is used for buildings only (brushes only) and will be exported into .dif format which the Torque Engine uses. Be prepaired to create huge (50 km x 50km maps).You create your own buildings for your own maps.




Mappers (singleplayer) (no limit)




You will work on single player levels that consist of the multiplayer level and AI aditions. The AI dont use nodes they use waypoints and triggers. You will be taking the MP map of the level and adding AI to it and adding more buildings and objects. WARNING: Torque Game Engine can handle 500+ AI per team..be prepaired to be mapping out 1000 AI movments and spawning over 1000 charactors per level.




Coder (3 needed)




We will use Torque Script so you will need to learn this type of script. It is similar to C++ so if you know c++ well you probably will be best here. You will be coding the whole game interface (menus, buttons) aswell as all scripts we will need to run the game with.




C++ Coder (2 needed)




You will be making changes to the Engine and adding aditional features to the Engine. You will be incharge of compiling the exe files aswell as the dll files nessisary to run the game. We will provide you with Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 (very expensive...but free!!!) to work with the engine.




Art Manager (1 needed)




This is the graphics part of Heart of the Battle. You will be skinning all weapons and players, aswell as designing the graphics of the menus and anything to do with images for skins to menus to textures. You must be very good with photoshop and have some skinning experience (UV Mapping).




Sound/Audio Manager (1 needed)




You will be incharge of creating the voices of the charactors in Heart of the Battle as well as the sounds of weapons, vehicles and anything that makes noise. You will manage the voice overs for multiplayer and the AI Dialogue Chat in the Single Player Missions.






All these jobs come with pay. If you are interested in any of there jobs please reply to this post or email me at cbeer1@cogeco.ca with some sort of application and a description of your abillities.









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Wow! Looks like a big project. Best of luck with it :smile:




If you need testers, feel free to post up a request here. I am sure many people here would love to give it a shot when you get it to a playable stage.



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