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Calling all Dedicated Server Providers!


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Ok folks. I am asking that anyone who currently sells dedicated boxes to end users with TCAdmin preloaded on them, to post a small message here with your website info.




With the addition of our new website we will be adding a page to direct end users such as clans looking for a dedicated gameserver to, so they can contact companies that offer TCAdmin along with their dedicated boxes.




Please simply put your company name and website address, along with your contact methods. Eg. email, phone number etc...




To begin with the page on our new site will only contain text links, no banners. Banners may be allowed in the future.




Thank you!



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We are very close to putting up the new site. Only a few legal pages remain to be done.




A quick note to everyone that has posted their info here. I took a look at all the sites listed and find that many of them do not have any dedicated server offerings, or do not advertise any type of control panel along with the servers.




This affiliate page is meant for clients of TCAdmin that offer user assigned remote servers which are powered by their master servers.




Any site that does not offer servers along with the panel (you don't need to mention our name at all), will not be included in the affiliate list.




This is not free advertising people. You need to be an active provider of TCAdmin powered dedicated servers to be included on this list.




So if you do not offer this service to your clients, please edit your posts and remove your info.

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I still have yours Hogie.




And a mention on the page would be helpful Doug. I did see it in the order form however :smile:




Keep in mind you do not have to mention TCAdmin on your site at all if you don't want to, but you should mention you have a panel with features that allow users to install and control their own games.




We don't want any advertising on our end from this, we simply want a list of providers that we can point potential clients to for dedicated servers.

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I did not have TCAdmin listed on the pages themself, but do on the order form.... I will get it added to the pages too :smile:




Dito. Will have you added to to our new site which is being designed now. Will let the designer know to add it to the list of features.



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