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Amxx problem


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Has nothing to do with TCAdmin. It's a compile issue with AMXX itself. The default plugin was compiled in such a way that AMXX automatically puts a reserved slot in there I think.




Do a status rcon on the server and you will see the slot count is correct, but 1 is reserved.






Here is a link to a default AMXX install including Metmod, with the plugin compiled correctly. Simply unzip to the cstrike folder and restart the game server.











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removing "b" removes slot reservations.




Edit your slot resevation plugin for amxx to show or not show slot reserved slots.




The defualt setting is to hide 1 slot which is the slot used to access the reserved slots. If a player has a resered spot they can join using the hidden one then amxx will kick the person that best fits your criterea for being kicked to make room for a resered spot.




The slot reservation can NOT work if the server is actually full, so you must let amxx hide a slot to have slot reservation work!!!




Reason is if the server is full then the player never joins and their steam ID will never be more then pending. Amxx can't kick for pending or everyone would have a reserved slot ;)

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