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Red Orchestra Crashing


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Has anyone else had crashing problems with Red Orchestra? I just set it up tonight, and it starts fine, but repeatedly after about 5 minutes I start getting server not responding e-mails, and finally that the server has been shut down. The log file is empty. Sorry I can't be more specific. I am currently pawing through the RO forums.

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Yea thats what I am doing now. the wierd thing is that the server port is 7757 and it says everywhere that the query port is 7757+1 (7758). But i took the command line and plugged it in to run on the server so I could see what was printing out, and it said it was binding the query port to 7767. This is listed as the GameSpy query port. Regardless, I havn't gotten complaints from it yet.... I am going to wait up a bit longer and make sure it doesn't crash.




On second thoughts maybe the query port TCadmin wants is the GameSpy port which reports server information, whereas the 7758 query port is for rcon? I dunno; i guess only time will tell.

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