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The BIG HLTV Help Post!


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Since many people don't seem to get the whole HLTV setup, I have take a few moments of time to create the easy setup HLTV post.




This will allow you to use the automation system to install HLTV servers. Please follow the steps below.




1. Download the HLTV congfig that you see in this post. This is a TCAdmin game config and should be imported into your TCadmin system.




2. Download this zip file and place it in X:\GameInstalls where x= the drive letter you specified to put your gameinstalls. You may also create a folder called /HLTV in the Game Installs directory and unzip the file in the zip there. Either way should work.






3. Use the automation screen to install an HLTV.




4. Users will need to edit the hltv.cfg file which the game config contains a link to it. They only need to edit one line at the very end of the config.


connect <serverip>:<serverport>




It should be edited to reflect the game server that you would like the hltv to connect to,.




Example: connect




Save the file and start or restart the HLTV server in your panel.


Your hltv server should now be connected to the game server, and your clients will love you!



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