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New Monitor Causing Agro


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Installed a new monitor




test executes fine but when I try and run an install of a game I get




An error occurred while creating the game server: Server encountered an internal error. For more information, turn on customErrors in the server's .config file.




The thing is, I see nothing going on in the console whatsoever

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well crap




now I'm double posting as I can't delete it




I have got past this error but now have




WARNING: 'edtftp.log.level' not found or invalid - logging switched off


05/07/2006 14:14:55 : StandardPlugins.RemoteServers.FPClient.ConnectToMasterFTPS


erver: A socket operation was attempted to an unreachable host




05/07/2006 14:14:55 : GSAutomation.Processes.CreateGameServer: Specified cast is


not valid.






In the console




Any ideas please? I have dropped firewall and tested also

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