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Luis has redesigned the template system to allow easier importing and sharing of template files.




Shortly we will be releasing the latest update with this new feature, along with some others. For now you can check it out in the demo panel located here: http://demo.tcadmin.com




Use the demoadmin login and goto System Settings>Template Config and click the "select" link next to the different templates.




Right now we have 3. The default, a new modern one modeled after our new website, and a gaming theme template.




Once we get things rolling, clients will be able to share, trade, sell templates to other users.

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Just a note. The gaming template is a Template Monster template I picked up a while back. So that will not be included as a template, since we can't resell or redisribute it.




We just wanted to show what can be done as far as templates.



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The update for the templates hasn't been released yet. It should be sometime next week.




I may look at getting some more templates done since we can't release the gaming template because it is a purchased template which cannot be resold.

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